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We have loads of great information about the Golden Retriever Breed.....specifically the English Golden Retriever “type”...     what many are calling white golden retrievers , European golden retrievers , cream golden retrievers  , etc. 



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In Answer to Questions on the Golden Retriever Forum:

A couple of years ago there was a thread on the Golden Retriever Forum about us and our dogs.   I wanted to take a moment to respond to some of those questions:

“Desdia Goldens do have clearances, but their CERFs are more than a year old so those should be updated.” - A couple of our CERF forms were sitting on my desk.  All the dogs were current... I had just not mailed the forms in at the time of the discussion. 

The boy from Golden reflections was used to sire two litters before he'd turned two - and his elbows were done with OFA at 2, but hips not till 33 months - which makes me wonder if he'd failed first or? Just seems odd. The two litters were from desidia so that's not a good sign either, I'd for sure ask about it and see what they say.” - This is actually completely incorrect.  We used Cabot - the boy from Golden Reflections - 6 weeks before his 2nd birthday.  He had final clearances from Canada..... and he was only used the ONE time before the age of 2.  The girl we took to him was 3 years old, had never been bred and had 12 month heat cycles.  Since he had FINAL clearances from Canada we decided to go ahead and use him.  As far as the hips done at 33 months... that was a redo....  the first x-rays done at age 2 were not shot straight and he received a “fair” rating because of bad positioning.  Even the Doctor who shot the xrays thought he should have gotten a “good” rating.  His owner had him re-x-rayed by a specialist in CA to get better positioning.... and then received an OFA  “good” rating... which is what he should have gotten the first time.

Also, the Desida dog 'Diva' (glitters flashdance) - she does have clear elbows, but her mother Glitters Dellaluna has ED 1 (failed elbows) and a sibling (glitters flashflood) has grade 2 ED on both sides. - We put a lot of thought into wether to breed our Diva or not.... who again had clear elbows. We took her to a male with a great pedigree for elbows and then checked the puppies - who also had clear elbows. 

If you ever have a questions for us.... we would be more than happy to answer them.  People can post whatever they want on discussion boards on the internet - facts or not!